Guide to Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania cover

I had long seen photos of this beautiful beach in Crete. When I decided to visit Chania, visiting Seitan Limania was at the top of my list of things to see but a quick online search told me this was no easy thing to do. Friends even went so far as to say to not even attempt this drive on my own. Thankfully, I’m not the kind of person to turn my back on a challenge, especially if it’s something I have my heart set on doing. This trip definitely isn’t easy, the roads wind up and down on narrow dirt roads with no barriers between you and a very steep cliff drop. Just go slow and it is definitely possible to visit on your own. Hopefully with this guide I’ll eliminate most of the guesswork for you. So here are my tips for getting you to and from Seitan Limania safe and sound.

You’ll need to rent a car or scooter (my favourite)

There are many car rental companies located in Old Chania. However, I found that you get the best deals in the airport, especially if you tell them you just want to drive to Seitan Limania for the day. The beach is also located not too far from the airport so it cuts your journey in half. The best way to get to the airport is by public bus. The schedule can be found here. Like I mentioned earlier, the road is treacherous and vertigo inducing. I do not recommend the scooter unless you have experience but definitely choose the smallest car available. It will ease your fears around the winding cliffs. While there are many rental options at the airport, I still recommend you reserve your vehicle a couple days in advance. I used Enterprise and found they gave me the best price for a day trip. It is best to call them or have your hotel call and explain you just want to drive to Seitan Limania beach for the afternoon and they’ll quote a better rate for you. For reference I paid €15 euro for the day.

Here’s a great video I found to give you an idea of the kind of road trip you’re getting yourself into.

How to Get to Seitan Limania Beach

The map here is pretty accurate. The only problem is that the streets are so narrow and fork off so randomly it’s easy to miss a turn or three. There is also limited signage and if there is it’s very easy to miss

To make things a bit easier for you here were some notes I took on the ride.

  1. When exiting the airport head right towards the mountain with the antenna. The road will begin to wind. There will be some signs pointing to some smaller towns. You want to keep an eye out for signage for “Chordaki” and then “Akropoli”.
  2. Make sure you keep the mountain directly in front of you. When you reach it you’ll want to go around the right side.
  3. You will drive through a small town where the road is only big enough to fit one car so go very carefully and don’t forget to honk your horn around the bends. If you haven’t brought any refreshments or snack keep an eye out for the small shop in town where you can get supplies
  4. Not too long after you reach the town the road will split and it looks like you are meant to continue on the left, but this will take you up the hill. Look for the fork that it slightly to the right going downhill. This will take you to the coast.
  5. Continue on this road and you will see a little white church. It is at this point that the road gets really scary. Just take a deep breath and go slow. Remember there are no guardrails so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Eventually the roads will stop winding and on the right hand side you will see a car park. Hopefully you’ve come early enough in the day to not have to haggle for a spot.
  7. Take everything you need for the day as you’ll have to climb a long way down and the climb up is not fun to do more than once. The path isn’t easy to climb so make sure you have your hands free and you’re wearing good shoes.
  8. There is a dirt road on the left that will take you away from the beach. Look to the right and there is a footpath down to the beach

Remember this is a popular beach but there are no restrooms and no garbage bins so please do your best to keep this beach as clean as how you found it. Don’t be that tourist.

Seitan Limania roadSeitan Limania hike

What to bring

Remember this is a “hidden” beach. There are no traditional beach conveniences here. No snacks, no water and definitely no shade. Here’s a list of things to be sure to bring

  • Water in a reusable bottle
  • Snacks (granola bars, refreshing salad, light lunch, nuts, dried fruit)
  • towel
  • Beach umbrella or hat (remember no shade)
  • Sunscreen (obviously)
  • a wet/dry bag if you’re traveling on your own to bring your valuables
  • GoPro or other waterproof camera

Things to do at Seitan Limania Beach

Obviously theres swimming, but my favourite part about this beach is the cliff jumping. Climb up the rocks on your right. Be careful with your footing. Head up to the top where everyone is jumping off from. The water here is deep so the chance of injury is low, but still do this at your own risk. It does seem like a far way out, but just ride the current back on to the beach

Seitan Limania CliffSeitan Limania cliff jumpSeitan Cliff Jump

Returning Back to Chania

The return back to Chania is much easier on the way back. There are people leaving the beach all the time when it starts getting crowded. Just follow the cars back to Chania. Just remember to turn back into the airport. If you happen to not have any cars ahead of you, the above directions work well in reverse. I made it back without thinking about it really.  Maybe the road makes more sense going up than down? Just remember the hike back up to the car from the beach isn’t easy so do yourself a favour and don’t try doing it a the peak of the afternoon

Seitan Limania hike up

If you do try this guide please let me know if anything has changed. I do want to keep this as current as possible and make it as useful to you as I can.

Seitan Limania guide

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