The 5 Best Beaches in Athens

Most people don’t come to Athens to go to the beach. To be honest, I didn’t even know there were any beaches in Athens. Now I won’t say you should sacrifice any time whatsoever in visiting the Ancient sites and museums, but if you do find yourself with an extra day, or it’s just too hot to sightsee then, the beach is a great option. Here’s my list for the top 5 beaches in Athens.

  1. Lake Vouliagmeni ok so this isn’t really a beach, but it’s a relaxing place to unwind in beautiful surroundings. Plus it’s basically a natural spa! The water is about 25C and the salty mineral rich water is absolutely invigorating for sore muscles. There are also spa facilities on site if you’re looking for more relaxing body treatments.

Lake Vougliameni.png

2  Astir Beach Club  This beach is definitely a posh option, but if you’re looking for a day of rest, relaxation and a whole lot of pampering then this is your place. Bonus, because of the €18 price tag, the beach isn’t too crowded and the loungers are clean and comfortable. Call ahead if you want to reserve a cabana.

Astir Beach Club.jpg

3.  Asteras Beach is a more affordable albeit less posh alternative to Astir Beach. For €8 you can also rent a (less comfy) lounger and beach umbrella, get access to change rooms and lockers and a self service restaurant.

Asteris Beach Club.png

4.  Yabanaki Beach  Another affordable beach club alternative. For €5 it’s a bit farther outside of Athens than the other beaches (35kmG) so it’s a bit less crowded. You can rent loungers and umbrellas for a fee but they are clean and comfortable. There are also great dining options available.

Yabanaki Beach.png

5. Grand Beach Lagonissi This is another splurge (€19 on weekdays and €30 on weekends) but if you’re looking for a day and night option, this is perfect. The water is crystal clear, the loungers are full service and there is live music in the evening.


All of these beaches are located within a 35km drive from Central Athens. They can all be reached by hiring a car or taxi and there is parking available at each.

Happy Beach Day

If you have any other beach faves in Athens drop your suggestions in the comments!

Top 5 Beaches in Athens.PNG


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