Sailing From Fethiye to Marmaris

Like I mentioned in my last post, choosing a cruising company is easy once you narrow down what you’re looking for. You can see how I narrowed down my choice here. By the time it was time to set sail I knew I needed a break from the travel and the walking and the thinking. Any traveler can relate to this feeling right? I could have chosen a one or two day cruise but I was just so tired I wanted to have everything taken care of for me for a bit longer so that was my main motivation for choosing a multi day cruise. Cruising around on turquoise water and island upon island, sounds terrible.

Day 1 Arrival at Fethiye Seaport

After getting picked up from my hostel, by V-Go we’re all ready to board our home for the next seven days. The passengers all seemed to know eachother so as a solo traveler I’m pretty much used to being the only person traveling alone on these kinds of things. Thankfully most of them seem to be around my age and they all sound Aussie so at least you know they’re probably fun and friendly.

Some pre sail tips for you, bring along some granola bars, fruit or other snacks for the trip. I had a stash of granola bars to munch on at all times. There is water for sail on board so you’re discouraged from bringing any on board but snacks are encouraged. Also don’t forget to bring your deck shoes or you’ll be walking around barefoot. This really isn’t too bad but on wet days they definitely came in handy

vgo harbour

We arrived here for our first night to be spent on our boat as well as a welcome dinner. A great chance to meet everyone on board over some food and lots and lots of Efes beer

vgo dinner

The cabins themselves are a bit tiny and stuffy but since this was the middle of summer most of the passengers just slept outside and that was just fine. Honestly with the waves hitting the boat and the sea air, I cant remember the last time I had such a relaxing sleep

vgo cabin.png

Day 2 Fethiye Seaport to Aga Limani

We set off to sea bright and early in the morning and having breakfast on open water is something I could really get used to

Vgo breakfast

We sailed until mid afternoon and stopped again for lunch at an abandoned roman shipyard. Sounds a bit doom and gloom but it was a interesting spot to dock.


Too bad there wasn’t any swim time included here but I suppose there will be ample time for that later.

After lunch we set sail again to Aga Limani where we would dock for the night. While there seem to be many gulet boats around and I’m getting the feeling that’s the case for the entire trip, this still felt like a really secluded spot. Most of the cruise ships ended up leaving later in the afternoon. There was a small sandy beach that was perfect for swimming and sunbathing. I chose to spend some time hiking up not too far to get a view of the bay itself. For sunset I just kicked back and relaxed on deck.

Vgo aga limaniAga Limani Swim.png

Day 3 Aga Limani to Kaunos

This is the point on the trip where I think people are starting to feel a bit restless. It is quite a slow sail and people are starting to feel bored. There really isn’t a lot to do except swim, sleep and eat and to me, that’s just what I needed knowing I still have so much travel left to do, but I totally get it. What I don’t get though is when you have to option to get off the boat and explore and you don’t do it. vgo ekincik.jpgAfter sailing around the Ekincik bay, we had the option to step off the boat and visit the ancient ruins of Kaunos. I truly was surprised at how few of the passengers chose this option. Thankfully there were enough of us to still go because these ruins were amazing. Similar to the tombs in Fethiye, these are probably even more amazing to visit probably because they’re less touristed and look better preserved in my opinion.

ruins kaunosvgo kaunos.jpg

Day 4 Kaunos to Marmaris

After another full breakfast we set sail to Cennet Island.

Vgo breakfast 2.png

vgo sail.jpg

Cennet Island was our last stop before reaching Marmaris and the water here was so perfect

kayak vgovgo water.pngIn the afternoon we finally docked in Marmaris where we spent the evening. This was probably my least favourite part of the trip as the Marmaris marina was packed and sightseeing was almost non existent. The amount of large cruise ships alone was shocking vgo marmaris.jpg

Day 5 Marmaris to Semizce

I wasn’t too sad to say goodbye to Marmaris. Considering this was the reason I selected this cruise I was pretty bummed. But thankfully we didn’t stay long and we were out by breakfast. We (along with probably 20 other gulet boats) stopped in a small bay for a little afternoon dipVgo swim.jpgAfter the craziness that was our night in Marmaris, it was so lovely to spend the night in complete seclusion at SemizceSemiczeVgo swim 3Semizce Swim

Day 6 Semizce to Sarsala

This was probably my favourite day of our cruise. After a leisurely breakfast we sailed to Hamam Bay. Also known as Cleopatra Bath, it is here that it’s believed that Cleopatra used to come to bathe on her honeymoon with Marc Anthony. I was actually pretty surprised with a site with as much historical significance as this that we could just come up and swim to the ruins. The volcanic structure of the natural hillside of this cove gave warm waters to the bath house in ancient times. The bay has a stunning background and shore which is covered in beautiful pine trees that line this coastline.hamam bayvgo swim 2

Day 7 Sarsala to Samanlik Bay

Our last full day of sailing was fairly slow and relaxing. In the afternoon we stopped at Yassica Bay for another amazing spot to swim after lunch.yassicaFor our final evening, the boat docked in Sarsala Bay, offering one last place to dive off our ship into the turquoise blue waterSarsalaAnd for our final meal, our crew arranged a lovely goodbye dinnerVgo farewell dinner

Day 8 Sarsala to Fethiye

After breakfast we sail back to Fethiye and say goodbye to all our new friends, but not before a couple of hours of final deck lazing timevgo deck.png

Overall I had a fantastic time on this trip. I knew what I was getting into. That’s the importance of doing your research. A few people onboard were unhappy with the amount of time spent on the boat but the company was very upfront about the itinerary and like I said earlier, there were opportunities to get off the boat but not everyone decided to do it. Personally I loved just having a relaxing time at sea for a week. However if you’re looking to do more sightseeing check out some shorter cruises as they may be a faster pace that you’re looking for. But for me, I left here refreshed and extremely relaxed.

Thanks VGo!

Check out their tours here. I would definitely recommend them and use them again for another cruise.

VGo sailing

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