Ultimate Guide to Fethiye and Oludeniz

If you’re looking for some rest, relaxation and a little bit of history thrown into the mix, Fethiye, Turkey is for you. Its got a little bit of everything! From turquoise beaches, ancient ruins, hiking, resorts to multi day cruises along the Turkish mediterranean, I could easily spend a month here.

fethiye harbour

Before you plan your trip to Fethiye the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to do a cruise of the region (and I highly recommend you do). Most of these cruises will take you to many of the must see places in the region, so you need to study their itineraries so you don’t end up visiting something twice…unless you want to. For example Oludeniz Beach is a must see for any trip to Fethiye, before you drive out there make sure you see if your cruise takes you there as part of their itinerary and save yourself the trip!

What to do in Fethiye

Take a Cruise in a Traditional Turkish Gulet Boat

Once you arrive in Fethiye, if you’re like me, you’re immediately drawn to the water. Fethiye harbour is a beautiful little gem full of cafes and eateries and more importantly, the hub for all the gulet cruises. There is a cruise for every budget, taste and need. If you want a day cruise, a couple day cruise or a full week cruise, you’ll find it here. Most companies will offer different packages based on time and destination. It’s probably best to do your research into these companies prior to your arrival. Things to take into consideration is the average age of the passengers, the destinations in your itinerary, and of course price and value.

After much research for for what I was looking for (fairly inexpensive, multi day, visit to Marmaris, hiking, kayaking options a fairly young (20s-30s) passenger list and not just a party boat cruise). After reviewing about five companies, I narrowed it down by snooping their instagram feeds and finally decided on V-GO Yachting. This cruise from Fethiye to Marmaris offered everything I was looking for within my budget. They’ve got tons of cruising options from one day to nine days, and from Standard to all inclusive to luxury charter options. LOVED THEM! I’ll go into more detail about my 8 day cruise from Fethiye to Marmaris in my next postOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oludeniz Beach

Probably Turkey’s most famous beach. The turquoise waters and pink sand make for the most inviting and relaxing of environments. For such a popular place though, Oludeniz is suprisingly peaceful. There are no bars or clubs on the beach itself but plenty of bean bag chairs, loungers, unbrellas, stand up paddle boards and kayaks available to rent. So basically your options are to either relax or get active…or both. It’s also easy to get here from Fethiye. Hop on a bus heading to Oludeniz from the station. They leave every 30 min

Beach bag rentals

Oludeniz beach

Hike from Kayakoy to Oludeniz

If you set off early enough, you can also hike from Kayakoy down to Oludeniz for some spectacular scenery and a moderate walking path. Instead of catching a bus to Oludeniz, grab one that takes you to Kayakoy. Kayakoy town itself is worth a visit for it’s ghost town and ruins. Start your hike from the Church in the middle of the ancient ruins


Church kayakoy.jpg

From here facing the courtyard, follow the red and yellow path markers to begin your hike. There are some signs but for the most part you’ll need to follow the markers, especially once you’re hiking in the hills


Once you climb up to the top you get the best view in town

kayakoy hike

oludeniz hike

Butterfly Valley Hike

If hiking’s your thing then the butterfly valley hike is a definite must do. I will warn you though it’s a tough one, particularly if you want to climb all the way down to the beach. Be very careful, wear good shoes and watch your footing. Hop on a bus from Fethiye to Faralya and begin your trek to the butterfly valley. From the beach you can catch a boat back into Oludeniz so you don’t have to hike back up. From the beach hop into the crystal blue lagoon to cool off.

butterfly valley hike 2

butterfly valley hike

buttterfly valley swim

Lycian Tombs

From Old town Fethiye, head up into the hills for a visit to the Lycian Tombs. These tombs are carved right into the rock face and date back to the 4th Century B.C. It is a bit of a hike…again. But there is a restaurant at the top where you can catch a bit of a breather. Definitely worth a visit

lycian tomblycian tombs

Where to Stay

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Fethiye. There are so many options here both by the harbour and in the old town

Sakura Hostel and Pub This is the new hostel in town and is a fantastic place to stay. The beds are comfortable and clean. The bar keeps cheap beer flowing and there’s free wifi. Dorms start at $14

sakura hostel bed.png

Unique Fethiye If you’re in the mood for something more resort style this is a great bet. It offers a poolside bar and restaurant, 2 outdoor pools, free breakfast and free wifi. Adults only. Rooms start at $150

Hotel unique.png

Hotel unique view

Places to Eat

Nazilli Pide Theres a reason this place is rated as the best in Fethiye. It’s delicious. A huge variety of inexpensive pide. Not gonna lie I may have ate here everyday

Arty’s Fish and Chips Being so close to the water, the seafood here can’t be beat. If you’re looking for some inexpensive fish and chips this is the place!

Fethiye Fish Market Like I said, the fish in Fethiye is incredible. Best place for a fresh seafood meal is directly from the source at the fish market. Have a walk around the market, pick out your fish then hop into the restaurant and they’ll whip up a meal for you. One of my top meals ever. If you come here at night it takes on a night market feel with live music

fethiye fish market

fethiye fish market 2

Happy Travels. Hope you love Fethiye as much as I did! If you’ve traveled here or plan to let me know. Would love to hear what you’ve got to say.

Guide to Fethiye


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