Turkish Breakfast

One thing I love more than probably anything is breakfast. Give me breakfast any time of the day and I’m happy. Truth be told I’d like my final meal on this earth to be breakfast somewhere tropical or beachy. With that being said, I’m not the greatest at eating a good breakfast while on the road. That is until I arrived in Turkey. They take breakfast very seriously. My first morning in Istanbul my friends set up this beautiful array of little plates on their tiny kitchen table. I assumed this was a one time welcome breakfast but I was told this was how they eat everyday.

turkish breakfast

How amazing does that look?

The key for breakfast in Turkey is an assortment of little these little dishes called meze. You don’t need to be staying with locals to be treated to this kind of feast. You can find this anywhere and everywhere in the morning even in the simplest of cafes.


Each breakfast I had here always had a few things in common: a selection of vegetables, olives, fruit preserves, a turkish yogurt with honey (similar to middle eastern Labneh), a few deli meats, cheese, boreks (those cigar shaped pastries), and always, always some fresh baked simit (turkish style bagels). Even if you’re on the go you’ll see vendors outside selling fresh simit everywhere


The minute I returned home I began to tinker with a few of my favourite dishes to recreate. I have to say I loved the idea of having bits and bites in the morning as opposed to one big dish in the morning. I find I eat less, am more satisfied and if you make enough for the week it takes less time than you think it would. So if you too have fallen in love with breakfast in Turkey I’ve played around with making my own Suzme, a Turkish yogurt cheese (though in a pinch I do just buy labneh), muhammara, borek and menemen   (the best scrambled eggs ever).  If you try them out let me know what you think.

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