A Little About Me

IMG_0576Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m a Professional Cook turned full time traveler, blogger and all around adventurer. I left my job working in professional kitchens to do what I’ve always wanted to do…see the world. I’ve cooked foods from every part of the globe but had no idea where those dishes were actually coming from!

Something else you should know about me…I’ve always struggled with weight. I mean I’ve tried everything! I’ve been a gluten free, vegan, paleo health freak and nothing seemed to work. When I began traveling I saw those pounds shed off! While yes, I was constantly on the go, I also wasn’t really watching what I ate. What could possibly be different? Oh right Western food! Sugar laden, processed, basically things people would turn their nose at anywhere else in the world. So I’m taking all these foods I’ve learned to make and making them accessible to my Canadian kitchen while at the same time transforming my own kitchen. Eat clean people! Thats all it is. Toss those prepared dressings and sauces, eat more vegetables, and watch your portion sizes! Thats it. 50 pounds later, no gimmick, no magic diet just fuel your body with all the good things. All it takes is some common sense and some willpower to tell that voice in your head that you don’t want processed sugar when maple syrup is better (I am a Canadian after all)

This isn’t a food blog. I mean, food is a big part of my life, but I want to share with you all the amazing places I’ve been, am going to and trust me I have a few great stories to tell! From city guides, how to handle a travel emergency with class (oh i’ve had my fair share of meltdowns and internal breakdowns), music, favourite travel gear I cant leave without and how I’m able to bring my life on the road back home with me.

Hope you all enjoy

Michelle Rose

* oh one last thing…why Figs and Maple? Well I wanted something that represented home and away for me. Naturally, maple is for my Canadian roots and figs, a fruit grown in other parts of the world. So Figs and Maple. Also try frying up some figs in maple…you’re welcome

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